Black Raw Case - 8/7 Plus

$14.99 $24.99
Matte Black

Black Raw Case - 8/7 Plus

$14.99 $24.99

Built with a naked feel, it emulates the look of your iPhone, sans all the scratches


Matte Black

Built with a naked feel, it emulates the look of your iPhone, sans all the scratches


How thin is the case?

The case is a mere 0.35mm.

Which iPhone does it work with?

iPhone 7/8

How much protection does it offer?

The case offers protection against scratches and during everyday use. It will not fare against large drops or falls as this is not the intended use.

What is it made from?

We used a custom-engineered plastic that prevents bending and helps keep the shape of the case, even without your iPhone inside.

Where do you ship

We ship to every country in the world.

How much does shipping cost

Nothing, we offer free shipping worldwide.

Can I track my package

Yes, all our packages are trackable, you'll receive a tracking link by email when your product has been shipped.

When will my product ship

Your order will ship within two business days from the date of purchase. 

How long is the warranty

The warranty lasts for 1 year. 

When does my warranty start

Your warranty starts on the day you receive the product.

What's covered

The warranty covers inherent faults with the product such as bad workmanship which applies if it is used for the intended purpose.

What isn't covered

It does not cover faults due to normal wear and tear, nor faults due to improper use of the product.

Superbly Raw
Influenced by the slim and light form of your iPhone, it protects it without adding any bulk.
Naked Feel
It’s so thin you won’t even feel it protecting your iPhone. The smooth finish ensures you’ll get plenty of grip.
Camera. Protected.
The protruding iPhone lens is protected by the extra contoured lip added around the camera.
Precisely Cut
With great care, every case features a finely placed cutout for each button, speaker hole and the lightning connector.
Minimal Branding
We added a tiny brand emblem, which is covered during use, to remind you that you’re well taken care of.