Card Sleeve

Card Sleeve

Card Sleeve


The wallet for minimalists, for those that love to carry only what's needed.

It'll help you spare your back from the imbalance of a bulky wallet, doing your spine a huge favour down the road.

Taking up to 9 cards and plenty of folded bills, it'll fit into any pocket unnoticed.

Tan Edition
Jet Black

Simple Yet Elegant
The slim and secure design makes for an
amazingly discreet front pocket wallet.
Profoundly Thin
It holds just what is needed, leaving you free
from the bulk of a regular wallet.
Carefully Crafted
Every part is carefully handled, from the two-month tanning
to the fine stitching which holds it all together.
Minimalist Essential
It takes up to 10 cards and a few folded bills,
so you'll always have what you need.
Secure from RFID attacks
Over 40% of people own a contactless card.
They are prone to RFID skimming, allowing thieves to
take your money and details without detection.