Raw II

Raw 6 Series

World's Thinnest. Full Protection.

The World's Thinnest iPhone Case With Full Premium Protection.

 Raw II

Imperceptibly thin.

Even though it's the worlds thinnest, it'll prevent any bumps and bruises that would otherwise wear down your iPhone

Seriously light.

The slim form factor ensures you won't feel the featherweight case while you're using it.

Raw II

Meticulous attention to detail.

A risen outline to the iPhone 6 rear-facing camera prevents any scratches.

Full Protection with precise cut-outs.

Make sure your iPhone is protected from top to toe with clear cut spaces for all your buttons to snugly peek through.

Raw II

Ridged corners.

Unlike any other case, it slips right off with a quick slide of your thumb over the edge.

Raw II

Matte finish.

With a smooth matte finish, there won't be any fingerprints on your phone. The dust resistant material deflects light instead of reflecting it.

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